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SA6 - Mission-critical applications
Updated 2017-02-16: Mr. David Chater-Lea and Mr. Chitturi Suresh were both re-elected as Vice Chairman by acclamation at SAWG6#15.

Terms of reference

The latest terms of reference were approved at SA#66 in document SP-140645.

SA WG6 reports to 3GPP TSG SA.

SA6 is responsible for the definition, evolution and maintenance of technical specification(s) for application layer functional elements and interfaces supporting critical communications (e.g. Mission Critical Push To Talk), including:

  • Relevant application architectural aspects (including both network and terminal aspects)

  • Definition of reference points for interactions between application functional elements

  • Allocation of application functions to particular subsystems and elements

  • Generating information flows between reference points within scope

  • Identification of application protocols

Based on clearly identified service and feature requirements and in co-operation with the other 3GPP WGs, identify application related architecture, functional elements, interfaces, reference points, and protocol aspects required to support critical communications that utilise 3GPP-based systems.

Identify and provide application level functional requirements to other 3GPP WGs, according to their expertise, where additional functionality needs to be specified that impacts existing architecture, reference points, interfaces, protocols or transport bearer capabilities provided by the 3GPP-based system (e.g. IMS, EPS, ProSe).

Design, specify and maintain application level requirements, architecture, interface(s) and protocol(s) to support interworking with other critical communication applications in collaboration with the relevant SDOs.

Work with relevant groups from other SDOs to make use of expertise available to support the development of specifications under the responsibility of SA6.

Initially Mission Critical Communications (e.g. MCPTT) will be the focus of work. 

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The following table is based on the standard template for WG information. Details will be added as soon as they are known.

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