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 The task of ITU-R Ad Hoc is to act as a focus to ensure a proper flow of information and contributions between 3GPP and ITU-R.

 Terms of reference

 The latest terms of reference were approved at RAN#51

in document RP-110626.

  • The primary role of ITU-R Ad Hoc under RAN TSG is to act as a focal point to ensure a proper flow of information and contributions between 3GPP TSG RAN and ITU.
  • All contributions developed by ITU-R Ad Hoc should be submitted to ITU following the 3GPP Working Procedures in Article 51 (Relationship with ITU). Specific communications utilizing the provision of being submitted by Individual Members should include the footnote: “This contribution was developed in 3GPP TSG [list of contributing TSGs]”.
  • All the technical discussion has to take place inside the relevant WGs which are responsible for the development of Technical Specifications and Technical Reports.
  • ITU-R Ad Hoc should work mainly by correspondence; ad hoc meetings can be held as appropriate.
  • If there are matters related to the work of other TSG’s, then the ITU-R Ad Hoc will liaise, as appropriate, with these TSG’s and/or coordinate appropriately with the relevant identified ITU contact persons in the TSG .
  • All contributions developed by ITU-R Ad Hoc should be submitted for approval to TSG RAN or circulated through the TSG RAN reflector for approval by correspondence (the response cut off date will be indicated on a case by case basis); this will ensure the support of all TSG RAN members.
  • As appropriate, the approval of contributions developed by ITU-R Ad Hoc that involve inter-TSG participation should also be coordinated with the other TSGs.
  • The contact person of the ITU-R Ad Hoc is appointed by TSG RAN and will act as chairman, managing the group as appropriate.

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