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RAN6 - GERAN and UTRAN radio and protocol

UPDATED (2016-11-15):  Juergen Hofmann (Nokia Networks / ETSI) was elected Chairman of RAN6 by acclamation.

Terms of reference

The terms of reference were approved at RAN#71
in document RP-160058.

Within the scope of TSG RAN, RAN WG6 is responsible for the development of specifications dealing with GSM/EDGE Radio Access Network (GERAN) aspects, and interfaces.

Specifically RAN WG6 is responsible for:

  • RF aspects of GERAN,
  • GERAN Radio Layer 1 specification,
  • GERAN Radio Layer 2 specification,
  • GERAN Radio Layer 3 RR specification,
  • A interface specification, Gb interface specification,
  • Internal GERAN interface specifications such as Abis, and Ater (Channel Codec Unit-Transcoder and Rate Adapter Unit),
  • GERAN functionality related to the support of location services,
  • Conformance test specifications for testing of all aspects of GERAN base stations,
  • Specifications for GERAN radio performance and RF system aspects, and
  • GERAN specific operation and maintenance specifications for the nodes in the GERAN.

RAN WG6 reports to 3GPP TSG RAN.

Useful links and information

The following table is based on the standard template for WG information. Details will be added as soon as they are known.

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